How  much does it cost?

Our prices start at £50 plus vat  per wheel, price depends on the amount of wheels, the severity of the damage, the size of the wheel and the number of spokes.

How  do I get a quote?

If you go to our contact page you can submit photos of your wheels, or you can call us and we can give you a good estimation over the phone.

Does the work come with guarantee?

Yes, we give 12 months warranty with all our work.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance, as well as being insured to work on your vehicle.

Do you repair bent and cracked alloys?

No, and we do not recommend it as it can weaken the wheel.

Can you repair diamond cut alloys?

We can not re-diamond cut them but we can refinish them in a painted finish which is a lot more durable. We can also carry out cosmetic repairs to minor damage on diamond cut wheels.

Can you match the colour of my wheels?

On most alloys we can match the paint — we have a large range of tints to match most manufacturers. If we have not got a suitable colour match we will advise you on this before any work is carried out.

Can you repair leaking rims?

Sorry we no longer repair leaking rims

What do you need to do the repair?

We need a power point. Our 20 metre cable will need to run to the van. We need an area to jack the car up and your locking wheel nut bolt.

How long will the work take?

It usually takes around an hour per wheel.

What payment methods do you take?

We take payment by cash or cheque. Unfortunately, we can’t take card payments yet.