The Process


On arrival for your appointment we will need to plug into two power points using a normal three pin plug, we need your locking wheel nut, car keys , somewhere to park our van and a hardstanding flat area to jack your car up and remove your wheels.


The wheel is removed from the vehicle and thoroughly cleaned.
We then break the bead on the tyre so the tyre is pushed back off the rim.
The tyre is then masked.


The damage is then removed from the wheel using various techniques.
A specialist alloy filler is used to fill any deep gauges.
The wheel is then keyed and degreased ready to paint.


The wheel is the placed inside our spray booth and heated to the correct temperature.
It is then primered, sprayed in a specialist solvent based wheel paint and then finished in a two pac lacquer for maximum durability.
Final the wheel is baked under infra red heat lamp.


When the wheel is cured the tyre mask removed.
The tyre is then inflated to the correct level.
The wheel is then refitted to the vehicle and the bolts are torqued to the correct settings.
The vehicle is now ready to drive.